How the Innovation District can help your business needs:

The Project-based Learning sector of the Innovation District provides businesses the opportunities to access and recruit UGA student talent for their workforce while students obtain a hands-on experience to extend their learning beyond the classroom and engage in real-world applications. Whatever skill set you’re interested in or areas of experience you have in mind, we have options to help you.

What kind of projects do students in the ID do?

Anything from apps and websites, to agricultural technologies, to consulting strategies and competitive analyses. There are four departments at UGA that are involved in the project-based learning sector of the Innovation District:

Here are some examples of projects that UGA students have completed in the past for clients like you:

  • View projects from the New Media Institute here.
  • View projects from College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences here.

Already have a project idea?

Complete our custom, interactive form that will match you with a program at UGA suited to your business needs and the talent you want. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete, and you will be provided contact info for program leads at the end.